if toys could talk

back to all projects assuming objects can feel too.. https://vimeo.com/426477693https://vimeo.com/426477822https://vimeo.com/426478342https://vimeo.com/426478655

de dansers

back to all projects de dansers Illustrations for the Dutch dance and music company De Dansers. As a workshop, De Dansers instruct primary school teachers ten different ‘energizers’: playful movement exercises they can do with their young pupils to get them activated and re-focused. These illustrations will guide and explaining the exercises in a flyer, that […]

cover to cover

back to all projects cover to cover I delved into the alphabet books (i.e. books with letters for titles) that Louis Lüthi lists in his publication ‘A Die with 26 Faces’. What these books have in common is that they are all, in one way or another, about language. I think this means that these […]

problem solving problems

back to all projects maybe all we ever do is solving problems with new problems https://vimeo.com/321455663https://vimeo.com/321456157https://vimeo.com/321456444https://vimeo.com/321456351


back to all projects pages The reader is navigated through this book, not by page numbers, but by an evolution of chaos to order. Halfway through, the book splits into two story lines, each culminating as a neat pattern.


back to all projects ferment Ferment, a magazine for both kids and their parents


back to all projects draw Newspaper design “DRAW”: about the roles of drawing at our Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. It shows work from students in 4 categories (drawing bodies; drawing stories; drawing (re)search; drawing in space) and a bilingual article. A small dot on the edge of each image page refers to information […]

medical illustrations

back to all projects medical illustrations medical drawing for the orthopedic department of Sint Maartenskliniek, Nijmegen

birth card tobias

back to all projects birth card and mural for baby Tobias https://elenamillionaire.nl/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/geboortekaartje-Tobias-vierkant.mp4

videoclip two cats and the night

back to all projects twee katten en de nacht twee katten en de nacht As my bachelor graduation project I chose to create a music video for classical music. I collaborated with Thomas Eeckhout, a student in composition of the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. He composed and recorded his piece ‘twee katten en de nacht’ […]